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What’s The Best Personal Finance Book?

When it comes learning about personal finance, there are many books that can help people improve where they are. The best personal finance book of them all just might be Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. This classic personal finance book has nine steps that […]

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5 Good Financial Rules of Thumb

It’s always important to be smart with your finances. There are things you can do that ensure that your money is safe and going where it should. Here are five good financial rules of thumb to follow. Always save at least 10 percent of your income toward your retirement. This […]

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A Look At Some Important Financial Terms

The finance world is filled with terms that can be confusing to most people. Here is a look at some concepts that you should know when it comes to investing and managing your money. 401(K) A 401(K) is a retirement savings plan offered by companies to their employees. You are […]

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Five Personal Finance Tools

There are many financial tools available for regular consumers. These tools help in the management of money and finances. 1. allows consumers to view all their financial transactions in one place. This is a great tool for ordinary consumers to manage their finances and budgets. 2. Quicken This […]