What’s The Best Personal Finance Book?

When it comes learning about personal finance, there are many books that can help people improve where they are. The best personal finance book of them all just might be Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. This classic personal finance book has nine steps that can help the average person change their relationship with money.

Some of the more helpful steps that people can take to improve their finances involve tracking where every penny goes and then asking the question of whether purchases align with a given person’s values. This constant assessment of what expenses fit into your life goals can lead to lower expenses. Money is viewed as life energy, and working for stuff takes life energy. Paying off debt takes life energy. The goal is to pay off debt and cut down on unnecessary expenses so that capital can accumulate and less life energy goes toward paying making money.

One of the goals of Your Money or Your Life is the achievement of financial independence. Once a person has enough capital accumulated and producing enough income to take care of his or her expenses, that person is financially independent and can continue to work for money or move to doing what they want when they want. They will find that they can they continue to work, but at whatever it is that brings the most life satisfaction rather than trading time solely for money. This should lead to a higher level of fulfillment.

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