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Remote Deposit Capture

Could your company benefit from improved cash flow and tangible cost savings? Explore these and other benefits of Remote Deposit Capture—a popular service for businesses of all sizes.

What is Remote Deposit Capture and how does it work?
Remote Deposit Capture is simply creating a bank deposit from the convenience of your company—without having to come to the bank.

  • You receive check payments from customers, as usual.
  • You go online through Western National Bank’s Remote
        Deposit Capture system and access your account.
  • Following the online instructions, you scan the checks
        using a small check scanner that’s attached to the PC.
  • You balance the deposit and transmit it to the bank

Your company will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • You save time by making fewer trips to the bank.
  • You save money as employees remain engaged in
        primary business activities.
  • You control when deposits are made, which improves
        cash flow.
  • You have convenient access to deposit reporting or
        research, right at your fingertips.
  • Your paperwork is reduced—no need to copy checks or
        deposit slips, and no need to store vast amounts of paper.
  • The entire process is safe and secure—protected by
        advanced technology that ensures data and image integrity.

Special features
Because every company is different, we can customize the features of Remote Deposit Capture to meet your specific needs:
  • Specialized reporting capabilities to fit your accounting needs
  • Deposit export capabilities to streamline accounting
  • Multi-location options, including deposit receipt and reporting
  • Access to scanned images of deposit items for up to two
  • Extended deposit deadlines—so you can make a remote
        deposit later in the day and still get same-day credit

Remote Deposit Capture is just one of the many valuable services available through Western National Bank’s Treasury Management. For more information, contact a WNB banker today!