Card Alerts FAQ

Debit Card Alerts - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Western National Bank is pleased to offer a fraud alert messaging service. Alerts are sent to customers when suspicious activity is detected on their debit card. Details about the service are provided below in Frequently Asked Questions. Please note that these alerts are only for debit card transactions.
Q. Will the service be provided automatically?
A. Yes. The service is automatically turned on when you obtain a WNB debit card; you do not need to do anything.  If you would like to opt-out of alerts, you may do so at any time; instructions will be provided in each alert.
Q: How are the messages sent?
A: Text and/or phone, depending on the phone number(s) you have on file.
Cell phone: If you have a cell phone as one of your bank contact numbers, the service will send you a text to this number. If you do not respond to the text within 15 minutes, the service will then send an automated call to the same number. If there is no response to the phone call, this sequence of contacts repeats.
Landline: If you have a landline as your contact number, the service will send an automated call to the number.
Q: What phone number will I see in my caller ID?
A: 877-230-3179. This will be for both text and phone alerts.
Q: Will the automated call identify Western National Bank in the message?
A: Yes, the message will identify the bank.
Q: Is there a fee for the service?
A: No, there is no fee from WNB for this service.
Cell phone: If your alerts are sent to a cell phone and you have mobile service through Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, the message is sent using “Free to end user” texting and there is no cost to receive the message. Other providers do not support “Free to end user” texting. Your response to the alert will count towards your mobile plan’s voice and text messaging rates.
Landline: Unless you have a per-call phone plan, there is no charge to receive or respond to the phone alert.
Q: What do I do when I receive an alert?
A: Tell us how you would like to respond. You will have a choice to accept the debit card transaction or decline it.
If you recognize the transaction and accept it, the transaction will process as normal, with no further action required.
If you do not recognize the transaction and decline it, a fraud specialist will contact you immediately to protect your account.
Please contact us if you have additional questions.