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What is a Sweep?

The Sweep got its name because money is actually "swept" from one of your accounts with us to another account you have with us.

One of your accounts, usually a savings or money market account, is designated as a secondary account that will sweep money into a primary account, usually a checking account. Whenever the primary account has an insufficient balance to cover a transaction the sweep will automatically transfer money in $100 increments from your secondary account to prevent an NSF item from occurring.

(If the balance in your secondary account is less than $100 the sweep will not occur.)

How Do You Benefit?

As long as your secondary account has a sufficient balance, you will have the peace of mind that you will not have any NSF items on your primary account, thus avoiding associated NSF service charge. The charge for a Sweep is $5.00 per sweep versus $28.00 per check for the occasional overdraft. This is a great savings for you!

(Savings accounts are limited to a total of six debits or withdrawals by sweep, telephone, or ACH debit transfers in one month or statement cycle by federal regulation. See your account disclosures regarding unlimited types of debits or withdrawals from your account.)

How Do I Sign Up for a Sweep?

If you think a Sweep is right for you, complete the Sweep Protection Agreement. Please drop the completed agreement off at any Western National Bank locations or fax to us at 432-617-1356, or stop in at any of our convenient locations and ask to speak with one of our friendly personal bankers about the Sweep option today!