Help Protect Your Identity With A Strong Password

Creating a strong password for your online banking accounts is an essential part to having a safe online banking experience. A strong password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Always use unique passwords for your online banking accounts and other important financial information.

Keys to a Secure Password:

  • Whenever possible, use at least 8 characters
  • Use the entire keyboard, including numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters
  • Refrain from using dictionary words, your birth date, your login name or any other personal information readily available to the public
  • Always keep your passwords and PINs (personal identification numbers) secret and never share them in an email, instant message, or over the phone
  • Never allow your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) to save or cache your passwords

Tips to creating a secure password you can remember:

There are many ways to create long, complex passwords. Here is one example that will make remembering your password easier.

Start with a sentence. Think of something that is meaningful to you.

I love my black and white border collie.

Turn your sentence into a row of letters. Use the first letter of each word.

ilmbawbc (8 characters)

Then add complexity. Make only letters in the first half of the alphabet uppercase.

ILMBAwBC (8 characters)

Next, add length with numbers. Place two numbers that are meaningful to you in the middle of your password.

ILMBA79wBC (10 characters)

Finally, add length with a symbol. Place a symbol at the beginning and end of your password.

?ILMBA79wBC! (12 characters)