December 19, 2013:

Target confirms unauthorized access to payment card data.

Target disclosed that payment card data for customers making purchases by credit and debit cards in their stores between the dates of November 27, 2013 to December 15, 2013 was accessed by an unauthorized party.  The information accessed includes the cardholder’s name, debit or credit card number, card expiration date, and the CVV.  This breach has impacted approximately 40 million cardholders nationwide.   


In response to this event Western National Bank reviewed our records and identified each of our debit card customers who utilized their debit card at Target between November 27 and December 15, 2013.  As a precaution, WNB is automatically issuing a new debit card to each cardholder who used their debit card at Target during the defined time period (11/27-12/14/2013).


The impacted debit cardholders will receive a new card in the mail within the next few days.  You will be able to use your existing debit card until you receive the new one.  Your current PIN will continue to work for the newly issued debit card.   It is imperative that you activate your replacement card immediately upon receipt and securely destroy your old card.

As always we encourage you to monitor your account activity frequently
should you identify any suspecious transactions contact us immediately at 432-570-4181 or 210-299-4181.