Ken Dickeson, Founding Partner
Veritas 321

At Veritas 321, we like to say that we are a company on a mission—a mission to create a successful business, of course, but also a mission to create an environment where people are motivated to succeed by doing the right thing. That’s why we picked Western National Bank. The bankers have energy industry experience that’s unsurpassed, and, just as important, they act with integrity. They get it right.


David Diaz, Executive Director
Midland Community Development Corporation


Do you know what keeps me up at night? Having more families who need homes than my organization can serve. What puts me back to sleep? Being able to rely on faithful community partners like Western National Bank. By providing the construction funding for homes, the bank helps hard-working families realize the American dream of homeownership. Now, those are sweet dreams!


Ryan Roberts, President
Rodric Properties Energy Group

I grew up in the oil business. But the oil business today is not what it was 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Neither should be my bank. That’s why I chose a bank that has shown it’s ready for a new generation. At Western National Bank, I have access to energy and financial professionals who can help me evaluate opportunities and make solid business decisions. Together, we’re building a future and I like what I see.

Kevin Leary, Partner and John Morrow, Partner
Ranchland Hills Golf Club

You know you have a great bank when one day you’re playing on a golf course and two weeks later, you own that course. And your bank helped make it happen. That’s our story with Western National Bank. They understood our vision to transform Ranchland Hills and they worked non-stop to meet impossible deadlines. When unexpected opportunities arise and you have to strike quickly, the right bank is critical. For us, that’s Western National Bank.

Steve Taylor, President

Natural Gas Services Group

We meet custom-made natural gas compressor needs throughout the country.  When it comes to banking, NGSG needs a bank that can meet our needs.  That’s why we choose Western National Bank.  The bankers at Western National know the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry allowing them to be proactive in meeting our banking needs.  Natural Gas Services Group and WNB…a successful partnership!

Paul, Luke and David Morrow, Former Owners
South Tex Treaters
Just like a car needs gas, our business needs money to run.  That’s why we chose a financial partner that doesn’t leave us stranded…Western National Bank.  In the oil and gas business, we need to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they occur.  Western National is big enough to handle large lending capacity but small enough to know and trust its customers.  Western National Bank…business partners we know will keep our company running.

Larry Hay, Former Owner
Permian Mack Sales
With businesses in West Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, I need a bank that can help us keep moving forward.  That’s why I choose Western National Bank.  As an independent bank, decisions can be made quickly by people that I know and trust.   The bankers at Western National understand the diverse banking needs required by my group of companies, Wild West Harley Davidson, Proteam Harley Davidson, Northstar Development and Lane Fishmore.  For all of my banking needs I count on Western National Bank.

Jerry & Jana Rush, President and Vice President
Rush Sales Company
We want a bank that can handle all of our banking needs – both business and personal.  That’s why our bank is Western National Bank.  WNB is big enough to handle our largest lending needs while still providing the personalized service we expect.  And because Western National is an independent bank, decisions are made by people who understand our business.  When it comes to banking, we have a lot of choices…and we choose Western National Bank.

James J. Woodcock, CEO
Hy-Bon Engineering
As a manufacturer of custom designed compressor systems, we have to be flexible to meet our customers’ needs.  I need a bank that has the flexibility to meet my company’s banking needs.  That’s why I chose Western National Bank.  They are an independent bank, which means that lending decisions are made by people I know and trust.  I couldn’t ask for a better banking relationship!

Earl H. Michie, President
Terrace Petroleum
In the oil and gas business, time is money and the in-house engineering department at Western National Bank saves my company both.  I understand the value of working with bankers that know their business and understand mine.  The petroleum engineers at Western National have hands-on oilfield experience, which means they know my company’s needs.  That’s why Western National is my bank!

L. Decker Dawson, Chairman of the Board
Dawson Geophysical
Our banking relationship is like our company…it has many dimensions above and below the surface.  Western National is the bank for the oil and gas industry.  Like Dawson Geophysical, Western National Bank is independently owned, which means that our banking decisions are made quickly by people I know and trust.  Whether it’s financing a piece of equipment or a line of credit, their experienced lending officers understand our banking needs.

Bobby Cox, Chairman of the Board
Cox Companies, Inc.
Like the Bobby Cox Companies, Western National Bank has deep Texas roots.  Because the bank is independently owned, they know us and understand our company’s needs.  The restaurant business is fast-paced and we need a bank that can keep up with our pace.  Western National Bank and the Bobby Cox Company are the perfect combination!

Robert Glast, President
City Pipe and Supply Corporation
At City Pipe, our company slogan is “Depend on us…We Perform”.  That slogan means as much to Western National Bank as it does to us.  Any bank can make a loan, but we depend on the strength of Western National Bank to help our company perform.  And because Western National is an independently owned bank, they care about the community and helping their customers succeed.  City Pipe and Western National Bank…a winning combination!

Bob Fair, President
Rino/K&K Compression, Ltd.
Like Rino/K&K, Western National Bank is independently owned.  The bankers at WNB understand my business including the ups and downs of the oil industry.  This means that lending decisions that impact my company are made by people that I know and trust.  For over 30 years, WNB has been investing in the growth of the community.  Other banks may come and go, but Western National Bank has deep Texas roots.