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Treasury Management

Comprehensive Treasury Management Services from Western National Bank give your company leading-edge tools to manage funds efficiently and create bottom-line results.


Western Cash Manager:

Our online treasury management system is a powerful and convenient way to make technology work for you, replacing time-consuming paperwork with fast, efficient electronic solutions.
  • View and reconcile accounts
  • View transaction history and account/loan balances
  • Move funds between accounts
  • View current day check clearing detail and incoming ACH detail
  • Search for specific transactions
  • Retrieve paid check images and prior bank statements
  • Initiate and approve domestic wire transfers
  • Place stop payments for single or multiple checks
  • Create different access privileges for different system users


ACH Origination:

Use the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) to send various electronic payments. In addition to direct deposit of payroll, businesses can send tax and vendor payments, collect receivables and concentrate cash from remote bank accounts. ACH is a module of Western Cash Manager.


Wire Transfers:

Initiate wires online with a system that is safe and secure, putting the power to move funds at your fingertips. In addition to multiple approval levels, our system allows you to establish multiple users who can be granted specific capabilities. Western Cash Manager provides you with Fed reference numbers for complete verification.


Positive Pay:

Enjoy the security of enhanced fraud detection with Positive Pay services. This service lets you transmit a list of issued checks to the bank, then these authorized items are matched against all items as they clear. Checks that do not match are identified and presented to you for a pay or no pay decision. With ACH Positive Pay, you can view and make decisions to accept or reject ACH items before they post to your account. In today’s environment and with the increased volume of fraud, we strongly urge all commercial or business clients to consider taking advantage of this key service.


ACH Blocks & Filters:

Protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH transactions. Blocks will prevent any electronic funds transfer transactions from posting to an account. Filters permit only pre-authorized electronic funds transfers to post to an account.


Remote Deposit Capture:

Make deposits from the convenience of your office—and save a trip to the bank—using Remote Deposit Capture services. We offer standard and premium packages for the scanning of your checks for electronic deposit.


Sweep and Cash Concentration Accounts:

Western National Bank’s sweep and cash concentration options put your money to work—rather than sitting idle. Options include:
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs):

    If you prefer to segment your company’s business into separate accounts, ZBAs allow you the flexibility of funding the accounts only as items are presented for payment, with funds swept from a central funding account.
  • Concentration Accounts:

    Designed for businesses with multiple locations, a Concentration Account lets your company centralize funds from several locations into one account at Western National Bank.
  • Overnight Investment Accounts:

    We customize each client’s specific needs to maximize your desired objectives. Ask your Treasury Management representative for full details.

Smart Docs:

Your Western National Bank statements and notices are imaged and archived for access online. You are able to view and print your statements on the first business day of the month.


Business Bill Pay:

Our online bill pay system allows you to process bill payments quickly and easily. You can now pay your bills anytime and anywhere. It also includes user permission controls and reporting.


Lockbox Services:

Streamline and accelerate accounts receivable collections with our leading-edge wholesale and retail lockbox program. Each client utilizes a unique P.O. Box number as the address for your payments. Our lockbox area processes your receivables each morning so that your deposit is electronically posted to your account at Western National Bank in a timely manner. We customize each lockbox scenario so that your specific needs are satisfied. Reporting options include: custom reports for fax or e-mail, electronic file delivery, and full imaging.


Credit Card Merchant Services:

If your business accepts MasterCard® and/or VISA® credit or debit cards, we invite you to consider Western National Bank’s Merchant Services Program. We have the expertise to help you set up a new program from scratch, or to convert your current merchant program from another financial institution or third-party processor. Receiving electronic deposits for your merchant sales is made easy and cost-effective.


Payroll Cards:

For your employees who do not have the ability to receive a direct deposit payment, Western National Bank’s payroll cards are a great alternative. By offering payroll cards, every employee can receive direct deposit without needing a bank account. Cards can also be used for per diem and expense reimbursements.


For more information and to take advantage of any of our leading product offerings, contact a Treasury Management representative today.